BLAM - Complete Media Operations Management Software

The BLAM provides advanced, yet simplified, operations and asset management, together with comprehensive video processing.

Accessed via an intuitive, web-based interface BLAM may be enhanced with a series of plugins and connectors to integrate multiple systems.

Deployed in cloud, on premise or hybrid, the software conforms to open standards and Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) principles, allowing truly scalable, highly resilient and bespoke enterprise systems to be built. Open and extensible BLAM enables media operators to rapidly implement cloud driven operating models whilst retaining integration with essential existing systems. BLAM streamlines operations and provides unified control and monitoring across entire production or content supply chain business.

BLAM conforms to open standards and Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) principles, allowing truly scalable, highly resilient and bespoke enterprise systems to be built. BLAM can operate as either the master operations manager, a slave to ‘in house’ systems or as a middleware layer between multiple 3rd party systems. A rich RESTful web-service API, allows integration with third party tools, and provides the capability to extend functionality of the software.

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Easy Integration

For integration with existing systems Blue Lucy provide connectors to commonly used 3rd party systems. The BLAM is capable of acting as the integration layer that connects systems and, importantly, provides a single view of the operation. It is likely that specialist systems provide a better, or more specific, capability than one system trying to do everything and many operators have ‘essential’ systems. Blue Lucy view integration and bespoke development as part and parcel of projects who affords a far less expensive and risky approach.


Advanced Search


Extremely fast Google style search capability. Fully customisable; supporting Boolean, fuzzy & wildcard searches.

Storage Management


Straightforward storage manager enabling disparate (on-premise and cloud) storage & archive systems to be managed centrally.

User Access Control


Secure user access control providing organisation, group / role based permissions supported by Active Directory integration.

Workflow Manager


Create and monitor custom workflows to meet specific business requirements such as content approval or final publishing.

Open API


An open REST API is the gateway to the BLAM through which all core and Plug-in functions are accessed & managed.



Open and extensible schema enabling frame level precision operationally supported by controlled vocabularies and intellisense.

Through a distributed services architecture BLAM provides advanced yet simplified operations and asset management together with a comprehensive video processing capability. BLAM provides a powerful core set of functionality, accessed via an intuitive web based user interface. This functionality may be further enhanced by utilising a series of Plugins from Blue Lucy and Partners as well as connectors to 3rd party systems. To learn more about our software and integration capabilities call us on 020 8878 5313.

30 BLAM Plug-ins available

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The BLAM product offering, which may be deployed or provisioned as a cloud service is supported by a dedicated software system integration competency which ensures controlled integration of Blue Lucy provisioned services into an organisation existing systems and processes. BLAM represents a fundamental shift in the provision of technology for media production and operations management. BLAM enables organisations to efficiently migrate existing operations into cloud provisioned services in a controlled manner.